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The Kinetic Enterprise™: Built to evolve

A podcast series

Explore insights and ideas that can help you reimagine everything, transform your business with SAP® solutions, and address disruption head on.

Podcast series overview

Future-proof your business with the Kinetic Enterprise—an enterprise built to evolve, no matter what tomorrow brings. This programme takes a deep dive into topics that are top-of-mind for leaders today, offering essential guidance that can help you establish the four pillars of the Kinetic Enterprise:

  • Clean—unburdened by technical debt, such as legacy systems with tremendous amounts of custom code
  • Intelligent—leveraging data to build intelligence, unlock insights and make an impact
  • Inclusive—operating with an extensive ecosystem of applications, services, and capabilities for driving improvements and innovation
  • Responsive—anticipating change and enabled by cloud technologies that allow the enterprise to scale in any direction, on demand

Episodes will be available bi-weekly on Friday’s at 9AM EDT. Contact us at for information on this or any other podcasts.

New episode sneak peek

The Kinetic Enterprise: Ready for take-off with an analytics-first approach

March 25, 2022

Organisations investing in ERP can struggle to turn their data into valuable insights and intelligence. Leading with an Analytics First approach can open conversations across departments and unlock different perspectives on what information organisations need and how ERP technology can support their people and processes best. On this episode, our panellists will discuss how adopting an analytics-first approach can lead a company to create the proper governance and structure for centralising its analytics function, finding data easily via a single reference point (source of truth), and enabling better insights and ideas across the organisation. Listen in and learn how you can turn your data into a foundation of intelligence to drive innovation, transformation and growth.

The Kinetic Enterprise: Empowering finance transformation with analytics-based insights

March 11, 2022

Finance functions need to transform to become the advisor and guide to better decisions for their whole enterprise; else they will become irrelevant. Their transformation starts with an analytics-first approach to provide richer, faster analytics-based insights and more frequent tuning of multiple scenarios that help their company figure out and prepare for tomorrow, today. In this episode of the Kinetic Enterprise, Deloitte finance transformation and analytics leaders explore the ERP systems, processes and talent in data science that will enable finance teams to harmonise analytics, translate the story behind the numbers, and elevate their role in steering the wider business. Tune in to the conversation for insights on how finance can become the analytical engine for the organisation and unlock exponential business value.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: What is the tech and telecom future of the enterprise? TMT Predictions 2022 has the answers!

February 11, 2022

Forces across technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) continue to shape the global business landscape and the human experience. So what’s next, and how can your organisation prepare for the future? Join Deloitte for a deep dive into the top TMT trends and discuss strategies that can help you evolve at the speed of change. From chip shortages, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to AI regulation, wellness, wearables and the technology gender gap, the conversation will explore some of the biggest topics emerging in the TMT space today. Find out what these trends could mean when it comes to your business challenges and opportunities. The conversation will examine the impact of recent news on the TMT front, and provide steps you can take to prepare your organisation to thrive despite ongoing disruption. Listen in as our panel of professionals paints a vivid picture of things to come—and the things you can do to get ready.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: Make Tax boost the value of your ERP transformation

January 21, 2022

Business Transformation and taxes. They are two of the greatest certainties in business today, and both can bring big questions. Ongoing business transformation is driving many organisations to take a strategic leap with cloud technology and ERP transformation—to enable greater speed, flexibility, innovation and efficiency. But with any project of this kind, how can you make sure that you’re not creating more complexity in your tax data-and-process landscape? Listen in as Deloitte business, technology and tax leaders discuss key issues, solutions and leading practices that can help you extract more value from transformation. Learn how you can improve tax processes, reduce risk and realise savings with a more strategic approach to cloud, ERP and tax. We will take a closer look at how solution providers are making their solutions more fit to new market demands and explore some of the specific tax-related benefits of transformation.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: Exploring global disruption and change through the lens of Expo 2020

December 17, 2021

Innovation continues to dominate the conversation worldwide as organisations deal with ongoing disruption and growing business complexity. And many of the big trends that will shape the future are clearly visible now at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Join Deloitte innovation leaders as we explore the future of business and some of the big ideas emerging at this important world expo, which runs through March 2022. Learn how Deloitte is teaming with longtime partner SAP and Google Cloud at Expo 2020 to demonstrate the potential of a cloud-enabled intelligent enterprise, and get timely insights on topics that are front and centre in Dubai—including AI, mobility and sustainability. The conversation will reflect on all we have learned and achieved while navigating unprecedented change—and how that change will have ripple effects on the future. Tune in as we put forward a few bold transformation predictions and offer thoughts that can help you end 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism for the year ahead.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: Positioning your business for the future with cloud ERP

December 3, 2021

The need for a high-performance ERP and the need for cloud are here to stay. And increasingly, those two things come as a package deal—in the form of cloud ERP solutions that can support greater reliability, flexibility, scalability, innovation and growth. There’s no “one size fits all” solution, and sorting through your options can take work. Join Deloitte transformation professionals as we dispel some of the mystery and the myth surrounding cloud ERP today—and challenge preconceived notions about size, speed and complexity of projects. Panellists will explain how a modular ERP approach and a two-tier model can support business stability, flexibility and transformation on your own terms and timeline. Learn how a “fit to standard” approach with SAP S/4HANA can help you move to cloud ERP faster and unlock business benefits sooner. Find out how industry cloud solutions can allow you to innovate rapidly without affecting the core. And get insights on what it takes to get ready for cloud ERP—and how you can sustain value after you have gone live.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: Insights for a data-driven sustainability journey

November 19, 2021

Sustainability continues to dominate conversations from the C-suite to the frontlines of customer service. Leaders and stakeholders all want to understand what businesses are doing—and what more they can do—to improve the health of the planet. Data-driven insights will be essential for building that understanding—to drive action and measure impact. On this episode, Deloitte and SAP transformation professionals discuss solutions that can help you leverage your data to operate more sustainably and take meaningful action on climate change. Find out how Deloitte and SAP are joining forces to deliver sustainability-focused capabilities, and learn how you can put intelligent technologies to work across key ESG areas. The conversation will explore the latest solutions through the lens of emerging trends and business needs. Join us for insights on embedding sustainability at every step of the transformation journey, and hear real-world examples of how leading companies are unlocking business value while making sustainability a priority.

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The Kinetic Enterprise: Strategies for enabling a sustainable and built-to-evolve smart factory

November 5, 2021

Manufacturers face immense pressure to operate more efficiently and sustainably. For many, the way forward will require a renewed focus on their Industry 4.0 vision, including smart factories running with intelligent processes. Plenty of challenges lie ahead— creating a risk-averse supply chain, significant labour shortages, continued globalisation, significantly higher data using IoT technology and the ability to translate that data into actionable information, dramatic technological advances around Robotics, AI, ML, shift in the Future of work to a lot more remote operations. Given that, clients need to build a kinetic environment that can evolve and innovate as needed. Join Deloitte for insights that can help you get smarter about the smart factory. Listen in as manufacturing and transformation specialists discuss a blueprint for creating the built-to-evolve smart factory. Discover how you can use emerging technologies to build the smart factory and unlock value faster. The conversation will also cover the role of ecosystem partnerships, the digitally empowered workforce, and how you can align smart factory solutions with your ESG goals, as well as a broader vision of sustainability and philanthropy.

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Episode 48: The Kinetic Enterprise: Conquering disruption with a built-to-evolve supply chain

October 22, 2021

The rules for supply chains keep changing—as forces such as customer demand, pricing pressures and shipping bottlenecks bring nonstop disruption. Hear how you can forge a more flexible and disruption-ready supply chain with intelligent technologies and cloud. Listen in as Deloitte supply chain transformation leaders discuss the imperative of a future-facing Kinetic Supply Chain—supported by cohesive digital capabilities across planning, procurement, distribution and operations. The conversation will dig in to the potential business outcomes as well as essential elements of the Kinetic Supply Chain—including a clean core for rapid supply network reconfiguration; intelligent digital solutions to sense demand shifts and supply disruptions; cloud technology for building scalable solutions; and an extended ecosystem of capabilities to sustain business value and support innovation. Join us for insights on trends, technologies and leading practices, plus real-world success stories.

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Episode 47: The Kinetic Enterprise: Evolving amid complexity with Kinetic Insurance

October 8, 2021

The insurance industry is under incredible pressure. In addition to ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 crisis, insurers face pressures when it comes to new regulations, increased M&A activities, talent recruitment and retention, and cost reduction—all redefining the way business gets done today. For many organisations, these challenges are compounded by IT complexity—including ageing solutions that pass data through a maze of convoluted repositories, making processing overly complex and reporting difficult at best. Tune in as Deloitte insurance transformation leaders share ideas that can help you evolve in lockstep with disruption, using intelligent solutions to drive new insights and efficiencies with your data. Hear how insurers across all lines are addressing trends in finance, leveraging new business architectures and unlocking value with the latest technologies. The conversation will cover strategies for streamlining and automating financial accounting—from the moment a business event occurs, straight through to close, consolidation and reporting (CCR). Find out how built-to-evolve Kinetic Insurance capabilities can help you gain a competitive edge with transformed reporting, reduced manual work, and streamlined regulatory tasks for things like Yellow/Blue/Green Books, IFRS, and LDTI reporting.

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Episode 46: The Kinetic Enterprise: Well-being as a catalyst to transformation

September 24, 2021

After the COVID-19 crisis forced organisations to look at workforce well-being and business evolution in a new light, enterprise decision-makers have learned and applied some invaluable lessons. Join Deloitte transformation leaders for the sequel to a discussion they began in May 2020—which examined some of the actions businesses could take to foster greater innovation, inclusivity, and well-being during a business transformation. Learn how industry leaders have effectively addressed workforce stress, changing human needs, and ongoing disruption while positioning their organisations to thrive. The conversation will explore how expectations have evolved since the initial conversation 16 months ago, emerging well-being and transformation trends that leaders should know about, and lessons learned that can help organisations make their people and cultures even more “transformation ready” and prepared for future uncertainty.

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Episode 45: The Kinetic Enterprise: Taming financial data chaos with Kinetic Banking capabilities

September 10, 2021

Banks are swimming in an ocean of data—trillions of daily transactions on average for some market leaders. Ageing architectures make it especially challenging to filter all that data into meaningful insights. One result? Reports that are loaded with indecipherable data—making it difficult for stakeholders to get a clear view of financial information and make effective decisions. Listen in as Deloitte transformation professionals explain how banks can enable business architectures and technologies that boost insights and build competitive advantage. It’s all part of the vision for built-to-evolve Kinetic Banking—leveraging a clean ERP and cloud to simplify and accelerate business. Join us to explore strategies for a synchronised “straight through processing” architecture to make business events accounting-relevant and ready for close, consolidation and reporting. Discover leading practices for a banking common information model, and learn how a Kinetic Banking architecture can significantly reduce manual work across GL, reconciliation and account-to-report activities.

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Episode 44: The Kinetic Enterprise: Future Trends: Cutting through the clutter of new enterprise technologies

August 27, 2021

Innovation never ends. The flow of new technologies emanating from the makers of software and hardware is endless—from routine but important feature upgrades to highly focused apps to mind-bending business technology concepts that blur the line between reality and science fiction. For any organisation operating in any industry today, this constant stream of innovation can be overwhelming—another layer of disruption on top of market forces, customer expectations, internal pressures, global factors and other challenges. Find out how you can sort through all the noise and identify solutions to help you get ahead of future trends—so you can make an impact sooner and enable a truly built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise™. Listen in as Deloitte transformation and innovation specialists offer insights on top technology trends, specific tools, opportunities for enterprise transformation, and some of the leading practices for assessing, prioritising and deploying new technologies.

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Episode 43: The Kinetic Enterprise: Elevating business results with integrated, insights-driven Kinetic Procurement

August 13, 2021

How you procure goods and services today will define how your business runs tomorrow—how effectively you operate, innovate and deliver to your customers. Speed, flexibility and innovation have become top priorities for procurement, but many leaders can struggle to transform their organisations. Hear from supply chain transformation experts as they discuss the vision of built-to-evolve procurement—Kinetic Procurement. Learn how you can leverage cloud, a clean core and intelligent technologies to enable an integrated, insights-driven procurement function that is more efficient, predictive and proactive. Join us as we dive into the details of an ecosystem for end-to-end digital source-to-pay capabilities—including intelligent supply analytics, contract management, payments and supplier collaboration. Get insights that can help you address distribution challenges, support new business models, enable intelligent spend management, and evolve in step with customer expectations.

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Episode 42: The Kinetic Enterprise: Getting ahead of retail trends to create customers for life

July 30, 2021

From digital and in-store experiences to overnight product delivery to customer service, customer expectations keep rising—forcing retailers to continuously adapt. As businesses of all sizes face a new competitive landscape, the pressure to innovate fast, operate flexibly, and cultivate “customers for life” has grown. Tune in as Deloitte transformation leaders discuss how organisations can evolve to address emerging retail trends. The conversation will cover strategies for unifying and elevating omnichannel engagement, creating more personalised customer experiences and taking loyalty programmes to the next level. Discover ideas for aligning your operations, your workforce, and intelligent technologies so you can boost efficiencies and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Learn how intelligent solutions such as AI-enabled inventory management and click-and-collect capabilities can help you make an impact in both the back office and the front office.

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Episode 41: The Kinetic Enterprise: Empowering people with AI to thrive in the Age of With™

July 16, 2021

Artificial intelligence continues to generate high expectations among businesses looking to innovate and operate more effectively. But for all its promise, AI is still just a tool to be used by organisations and the people who make them run. To thrive, businesses will need to master AI, wield it strategically, and drive adoption across the workforce. Listen in as our panel discusses the potential you can unlock when humans and AI work together in “the Age of With.” Explore a future vision of work that transcends current physical and digital concepts—in which organisations can elevate the workforce experience and unlock new human potential. Get insights that can help you plan your intelligent automation journey, craft exceptional user experiences and start building an automation “centre of excellence” to support the future of work.

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Episode 40: The Kinetic Enterprise: Shifting the auto industry into high gear with cloud

June 25, 2021

Things just keep accelerating for the automotive industry. Competitive pressures, vehicle trends, buyer expectations, third-party risk, data growth—they’re all moving at a blistering pace. And increasingly, automotive leaders are turning their attention to cloud to help them manage complexity, get insights, pivot quickly and grow. From industry-specific apps to hyperscale environments, auto companies are placing huge bets on cloud as they work toward the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise™. Listen in as Deloitte transformation pros share insights and discuss leading practices for cloud in the automotive space. The conversation will explore the current state of the industry, emerging trends, and ongoing issues such as supply chain disruption. Join us to find out how cloud solutions, a common data model and an integrated digital ecosystem can help deliver benefits such as increased sales, visibility into cost drivers, savings and profitability.

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Episode 39: The Kinetic Enterprise: Unleashing innovation with AI and machine learning

June 11, 2021

The maturity of intelligent technologies continues to grow by leaps and bounds. And industry leaders are taking advantage of the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to innovate, drive their businesses forward and gain an edge. But with limitless possibilities for intelligent automation, determining where to place your bets can be challenging. For many organisations, finance and the supply chain will be obvious starting points for innovation—rich with opportunities to automate tedious processes, increase information visibility and deliver exceptional service. Listen in as our panel of Deloitte transformation professionals discuss the latest machine intelligence technologies and how you can strategically deploy them to make an impact in finance, the supply chain and beyond. Get insights that can help you ride the waves of disruption, act swiftly on opportunities and enable a built-to-evolve enterprise.

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