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DataForward™ for SAP® SuccessFactors®

As the pace of business accelerates—and as you migrate HR data from legacy systems to cloud solutions such as SAP® SuccessFactors®—how can you ensure that your HR data flows more rapidly to the places it is needed? And how can you improve the quality and accuracy of your data as it moves to SAP SuccessFactors solutions?

Accelerate, simplify and improve HR data migration

Your data is like water—vital to your business, flowing throughout the enterprise and often challenging to control. That’s especially true of your HR data, which extends across multiple areas: core operations, workforce management, business planning, finance and more.

Visualise, manage, accelerate

DataForward™ by Deloitte can help, facilitating HR data migration as part of your SAP SuccessFactors journey. DataForward provides a methodology and a set of tools that allow you to visualise, manage and accelerate data migration—while helping improve data quality and support a smooth transition to cloud.

It’s all part of a bigger vision for the enterprise. We call it the Kinetic Enterprise™—a “built to evolve” organisation that is capable of moving at the pace of disruption. Thanks to a clean core, responsive cloud technologies and intelligent capabilities.

The clean and quick approach

DataForward addresses some of the biggest data challenges facing organisations today as they plan the next steps in their cloud journeys. HR data today can lie scattered across multiple siloed systems, numerous spreadsheets and various other applications. Not only is that data fragmented, it might be redundant, formatted differently in different systems, or riddled with errors and inaccuracies.

And data-recording details such as commas, hyphens and capitalisation can mean data falls through the cracks, gets duplicated unnecessarily, or migrates incorrectly. One potential result? Extra labour for your teams as they work to ensure the quality of migrated data.

DataForward can help you avoid time-consuming, manual tasks associated with HR data migration. The potential impact? You can take advantage of your data and your SAP SuccessFactors cloud investments sooner—using your data to drive new intelligence, insights, automation, service, efficiency and more.

Seeing matters

Data migration does not have to be a black box. In fact, it should not be. The movement of your data to the cloud should happen transparently—so you can understand the data you have, manage and “massage” it as it is extracted and migrated, and see its final destination.

DataForward allows you to do that, providing transparency and capabilities for modelling your data—helping you get earl visibility into issues, ensure data quality and migrate data more efficiently. Having that clear view into your data is critical as you move data from legacy systems into a new SAP environment, allowing you to take action to make sure your existing data fits into your new model.

Full-featured functionality—in three dimensions

More than a data conversion tool, DataForward provides a process, a methodology and a framework for moving your data to SAP SuccessFactors and the cloud.

With drag-and-drop simplicity and key insights into your legacy data, DataForward can support your data migration efforts across three dimensions: data harmonisation, data integrity and data consumption. By working with Deloitte to migrate and manage your data with DataForward, you can unlock potentially big benefits in your HR transformation journey with cloud.

  • Reduce development efforts and costs
  • Convert data from any human capital management source system
  • Accelerate conversion cycles and reduce cut-over timeframe
  • Improve accuracy, mitigate risks and boost data privacy
  • Enable go-live readiness through dashboard-delivered insights and analytics

Contact us to learn more about DataForward and how Deloitte can help you reimagine everything with SAP SuccessFactors solutions—so you can move forward confidently, activate a “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise and unlock new business value across your entire organisation.

learn more about DataForward and how Deloitte can help you reimagine everything with SAP SuccessFactors solutions

So you can move forward confidently, activate a “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise and unlock new business value across your entire organisation.

The Kinetic Enterprise™

Put the kinetic enterprise in motion. Is your organisation built to last … or built to evolve?

Discover how we can help you unleash the power of SAP S/4HANA® ERP, SAP industry cloud solutions, and other intelligent SAP technologies to build a resilient, disruption-ready enterprise capable of constant evolution—the Kinetic Enterprise™.