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Make Quicker Business Decisions with Deloitte Analytics Objects

Drive digital transformation now with Deloitte and Oracle

Now is the time for business leaders to open their eyes to the possibility of human and machine collaboration. Deloitte Analytics Objects (DAO) powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud is a next-generation, pre-packaged analytics application that enables organizations to enter the Age of With.

In this new era, organizations will increasingly use cognitive technologies to augment human intelligence, just as machines augmented physical capabilities in the 20th century.


Power of data

With AI, machine learning and advanced visualization capabilities, DAO helps companies unleash the power of their data, so humans can make holistic, fact-based decisions for a stronger, more-connected organization. Wherever your organization is on the digital maturity curve, it can accelerate your journey to next-generation analytics and help you take targeted, proactive actions across finance, supply chain and workforce.

Drawing upon consolidated data from multiple sources, DAO drives quicker decision-making by using AI and data visualization techniques for generating real-time answers to business questions, and it enables leaders to stay ahead of issues by moving from descriptive to predictive analytics


Distinct features add value

To create DAO, Deloitte combined its deep knowledge of business domains, cross-industry experience, Oracle Analytics Cloud implementation capabilities, and leading-edge work with AI, cognitive technologies and advanced visualization. Advantageous and distinctive features include cross-functional insights, customizable dashboards with drill-down access to data and multi-source compatibility among others.