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Making an impact that Matters

Volunteer Day

A moment in history was made as the firm closed its doors to business and opened its skills to our communities. Volunteer Day, an idea that took months to plan and co-ordinate took place on the 30th of May as an inaugural event to mark our 40hours Volunteer policy, which gives every Deloittian these hours to use their skills towards the betterment of our society.

The morning begun with much fanfare as busses lined up at Deloitte office buildings to take Deloittians to respective schools, community centers and malls and orphanages and homes.

The office, although closed for business, was a hive of activity as members of the community came to attend various trainings and courses for the day. We even had sewing machines humming to the tune of teaching aids for elementary school materials.

This was a firmwide initiative and truly made an impact as was demonstrated in the hundreds of posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram under the hashtags #LivingYourPurpose and #VolunteerDay.

The vision from this day came from Ashleigh Theophanides, our Chief Sustainability Officer, and was ran by the Africa Sustainability team, with Hanns Spangenberg at the helm.

A huge appreciation for the ASO team, as well as the Business Unit Representatives who we responsible for the planning, organizing and logistics of the different teams in the firm.