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Human Capital awards and recognition

What the analysts are saying

Choosing the right consulting firm to provide you with guidance and insights on talent, change programmes, workplace, recruiting and other dimensions of human capital management is critical. The chemistry between a prospective adviser and your own leaders of strategy, finance, technology and human resources is important – but so too are their track record, the strength of their network, the dynamism of their thinking and the measurable impact they have made in challenging assignments. Within a crowded field, Deloitte’s Human Capital team has received accolades from leading industry analysts for the outcomes we’ve helped our clients achieve in some of today’s most complex scenarios.

“Deloitte stands out for its ability to translate a program of continuous innovation and thought leadership into a coherent, multidimensional approach that modernises change management for the digital age.” - ALM Intelligence

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“Deloitte has forged a highly differentiated position with the launch of Workforce Transformation services, an offering with a diverse, comprehensive set of consulting capabilities, services and products organised through a coherent framework for mobilising talent around an uncertain future.” - ALM Intelligence

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"Deloitte has evolved its consulting approach in keeping with a new reality that finds HR at the center of market forces compelling organisational transformation." - ALM Intelligence

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“Deloitte’s status as a leading provider is a direct result of the firm’s ability to organise its considerable resources in a holistic, integrated offering that serves clients seeking to build an end-to-end, digitally-enabled employee experience capability.- ALM Intelligence

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Human Capital As-A-Service

Global leader in employee experience consulting (ALM)

Source: ALM Intelligence

Additional Human Capital As-A-Service Recognition