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Deloitte KwaZulu-Natal moves to new office in Umhlanga Ridge

Deloitte Africa today opened the doors to its new KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) office located at The Skye – Umhlanga Ridge.

The new Deloitte KZN office at The Skye is perfectly positioned and promises to offer an exceptional workspace and client experience. The opening event was hosted by Deloitte KZN Regional Leader, Mark Freer, and Deloitte Africa CEO, Ruwayda Redfearn.

Deloitte recently announced its global commitment to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 for its own operations, as part of its WorldClimate strategy. The new office forms part of the firm’s focus to being committed to a more sustainable future for our people, community and planet.

Mark Freer, KZN Regional Leader says, “The building has LED lighting throughout, with all lights on motion detectors to ensure that they only come on when necessary. We invested in upgraded technology for the air-conditioner system which uses significantly less electricity than standard office air-conditioners. The multiple balcony access doors will be opened when the weather is optimal to provide fresh airflow through the office as well as reducing the need for the use of the Air-conditioners. Furthermore, the majority of the office façade is South facing which reduces the summer heat load and in turn further reduces the need for air-conditioners whilst simultaneously providing all staff with an unbroken view of the ocean throughout the day. Additionally, we invested in writable walls and panels to limit the need for paper flipcharts. Also of note is the fact that the office will not have any plastic in it - all water bottles going forward will be glass.”

The Deloitte Africa KZN Office is located at The Skye on the first Floor, 2 Vuna Close, Umhlanga Ridge.