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Deloitte Africa Expands Cloud Engineering Practice to Meet Growing Demand for Google Cloud Expertise

Johannesburg, August 2023 - Deloitte Africa is pleased to announce the expansion of its Cloud Engineering practice to meet the increasing demand for Google Cloud expertise across the continent. This specific team expansion includes the addition of senior experienced Cloud Engineers into Deloitte Africa's existing practice, bringing significant expertise on Google Cloud and skills across cloud, data, and cyber engineering. The Google Cloud practice growth supplements Deloitte’s extensive skills-building programme across Deloitte Africa and establishes it as a pre-eminent Google Cloud Analytics, Generative AI, and Advertising. 

Cloud technologies have become increasingly vital in driving business growth in Africa and for our clients to differentiate themselves in the market. Companies require more cloud expertise to implement and manage these technologies to stay competitive. Deloitte Africa recognises businesses' unique challenges and opportunities when adopting cloud technologies in the African context, including connectivity and infrastructure issues. Our Global Alliance with Google Cloud and its $1B commitment in Africa across connectivity, devices, employment creation, skill development, enterprise development and innovation provides additional support for Deloitte to accelerate innovation with our clients. 

The demand for Google Cloud expertise has been steadily rising in Africa and Deloitte Africa is uniquely positioned to meet this demand with this expanded Cloud Engineering practice. This is a significant driver for using cloud technologies as an impetus to drive innovation and growth. This acquisition of highly skilled Cloud Engineers reinforces Deloitte Africa's ability to assist clients in harnessing the full potential of cloud technologies, enabling them to drive their businesses forward.

"We're excited to expand our Cloud Engineering practice at Deloitte Africa to meet the growing demand for Google Cloud expertise across the continent," said Mitesh Chotu, Cloud Engineering Leader, Deloitte Africa. “We're committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the curve. Our expanding Cloud Engineering practice is a testament to that commitment."

Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform offer several differentiators that are crucial for helping clients transform their business through cloud technology. These include the scalability and flexibility of Google Cloud, enabling organizations to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands quickly. Google Cloud’s advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning capabilities, along with those of the Google Marketing Platform, provide deeper insights into customers, enhancing marketing effectiveness. Furthermore, the ability of Google Cloud and the Google Marketing Platform to seamlessly integrate with other Google Cloud products and services, and Google Workspace, provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for businesses.

“We are delighted to see Deloitte Africa embrace our efforts to boost digital transformation efforts in the South African region,” said Bruno Heese, Head of Alliances and Channels for EMEA, Google Cloud.   “Demand for localized digital transformation is high, and innovative cloud infrastructure and generative AI solutions are imperative to reaching customers across the continent in new ways.” 

The team lift signifies Deloitte Africa's dedication to providing comprehensive cloud engineering services that align with client needs in Africa and the EMEA region. By expanding its expertise in Google Cloud, Deloitte Africa enhances its ability to support clients' innovation agendas and help them achieve their business goals.

Matt Lacey – Chief Commercial Officer – Google/Alphabet for Deloitte, adds, “This latest expansion to our team in South Africa is a further important step in the rapid expansion of our Google footprint across EMEA. Our enhanced capacity in Africa enables us to better serve our clients not just in Africa, but also across EMEA more generally”