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About Deloitte Africa

No matter the complexity or location within Africa, Deloitte Africa is ready to help maximise your business potential.

Why Deloitte?

Physical presence

As more companies and institutions do business in
Africa, Deloitte endeavours to provide clients with a consistent service
through our OneDeloitte approach. Deloitte is one of Africa’s leading
professional services firm, providing services of the highest standard through just under 7,000 professionals. With offices in 12 African countries, a current presence in 17 and the ability to serve 52 nations on the continent, Deloitte has an unrivalled capability to service its clients’ with the highest standard regardless of the challenges of geography and bureaucracy.  

An integrated African Firm

Through an extensive African network, Deloitte offers insights and services across all industries, with unique capabilities and services to partner with you at any stage of your Africa expansion strategy.