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Yemi Saka

West Africa Consulting Leader

As the West Africa Consulting Leader, Yemi leads a strong team of Digital Talent, Technologist, Human Capital, Strategy & Operations Practitioners. He brings over 20 years of relevant experience gained both internationally and locally.

Yemi has had an impressive career in professional services and has been able to deliver consistent growth in the various teams he has led. He attributes his success to his direct client experience delivering complex work programs focused on business-driven strategies and implementation. This has enabled him to deepen his expertise in areas such as revenue enhancement, cost optimisation, business enablement through innovative technology, cyber and managed services.

He is passionate about Education, Innovation and Africa. Yemi is an alumnus of Seton Hall University and has as Engineering Management Masters from the University of Texas at Austin (USA). From a professional standpoint, Yemi has been awarded five (5) US Patents & Invention Disclosures