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Strini Perumal | Profile

Senior Manager

Strini is Senior Manager - Global Investments and Innovation Incentives. He is a versatile professional with over ten years’ experience in scientific research and development, international business, tax consulting and public policy. He has an educational background in Engineering, Law and Economics, with a career showcasing clear, logical and strategic mind to problem solving.

Strini was instrumental in the design and implementation of the Research and Development Tax Incentive in South Africa. He has worked with the OECD and World Bank on measuring it’s impact and effectiveness, in promoting economic growth and competitiveness.

Strini currently leads client teams at Deloitte, to design and deliver incentive applications, investment strategies, process improvements, re-organisation, and M&A strategies relating to innovation. He is especially focused on analysing technology IP and financial systems, recommending strategies to increase competitiveness through improvements to product management and commercialization processes, analysing and developing positions on tax controversy matters.