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Robbie Quercia

Digital Commerce and Content leader

Having worked in the Business Optimisation arena for over 20 years, Robbie has deep experience in the practical applications of technology as a process enabler and innovator. He plays a key part of Deloitte Consulting’s business applications and transformation team. One of Robbie’s key focus areas is implementing business improvement strategies and tools to enable both efficiency and productivity, as well as to provide platforms for innovation.

Robbie leads the Western Cape consulting practice, and his experience cuts across various geographies with consulting engagements in South Africa, Europe and Australia.

Robbie is also a part of Deloitte’s Talent Development team and he is one of the key facilitators of the Manger development programmes. These programmes are based on best practice framework that assists companies to measure their business performance by understanding that shareholder value creation is driven by the effective execution of business processes, the efficient use of assets, technology enablers and the development of durable business competencies.

Having worked with a variety business solutions, vendors and technology partners he has deep experience in project management as well as people and relationships management. From a solutions point of view, Robbie has worked with various ERPs and core business systems, advanced planning and scheduling tools, demand management products and custom developed solutions. Robbie prides himself in the ability to manage complex situations to the benefit of all stakeholders.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree in Business Economics from the University of South Africa and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Witwatersrand.