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Ryan Barrett

Assistant Manager

Ryan Barrett is part of the Deloitte Risk Advisory business and currently serves as an Assistant Manager and the Chief of Staff for Sustainability, Climate and Equity for Deloitte Africa.

He assists in the strategic coordination of ESG-related offerings across multiple service lines with a passion for assisting clients in their decarbonisation journeys, their move towards sustainable and resilient supply chains, and their visualisation of data aimed at increasing their ability to achieve science-based targets. He is an expert in extended producer responsibility legislation and is passionate about improving waste management practices across the continent. His experience further entails comprehensive engagement on Extended Enterprise Risk Management, specifically third party risk management, assisting his clients in designing and implementing frameworks aimed at mitigating their risk exposure from their third parties as well as performing an analysis of current frameworks in place to highlight pain points and make significant process improvements.

Ryan has performed multiple third party risk management framework designs, one of which is in Saudi Arabia for the Central Payments Authority. He is a certified risk professional (CRisP) and sits as the Africa Chair for Deloitte’s Global Young Purpose Leaders Council. He is also proudly positioned as a One Young World Ambassador.