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Pam Maharaj | Human Capital | Deloitte South Africa

Director - Human Capital Leader | Deloitte Consulting Africa

Pam is the Africa Human Capital Leader for Deloitte Consulting. She is also a member of the Africa Consulting Leadership team. In her Human Capital Consulting leadership role, she is responsible for human capital practitioners focused on helping organisations solve their most complex and pressing human capital issues. She leads a team with the view that amidst the digital revolution taking place, the businesses that will succeed won’t just be those that are most technology advanced. It will be those that are most human too. The pressing issues that Pam and her team help clients solve are transitioning to the future of work, activating the digital experience, elevating the human experience, optimising the human capital balance sheet and future proofing the organisation. Pam is a master practitioner with the SABPP and is a speaker at a number of conferences.