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Dr Marco Macagnano | Deloitte Southern Africa

Real Estate Sector and Smart Real Estate Leader

Marco is a real estate and built environment consulting specialist with over 15 years of experience in Architecture, smart buildings design and delivery, sustainable development and real estate advisory. Dr Marco Macagnano currently serves as Real Estate sector leader for Africa, and ‘Smart Real Estate + Smart Cities’ offerings leader for Deloitte Consulting, leading new Go-To-Market strategies, digital transformation and strategy in design, implementation and operations. This is achieved through end-to-end IoT solutions, data analytics, systems and platform solutions, strategic frameworks and experience design within a multi-disciplinary organizational context.

Marco is pioneering new ways for client asset owners and occupants to derive monetary and strategic value from real estate, creating innovative platform and technology solutions to transform traditional business models through Real Estate-as-a-Service. The goal is to create value-driven built environments that are aligned to business outcomes, human-centric, adaptive, and operationally sustainable.

Marco is also leading initiatives to create sustainable and future-proofed buildings and cities in response to the ‘new normal’, creating environments of enablement and adaptable systems processes to ‘re-invent’ real estate.

Marco completed his Ph.D. in Architecture with a focus on Smart and Sustainable built environments in the Information Age, and the development of an integrated systems design methodology.

Marco was named a 2018 winner in Building Design + Construction’s Global 40 Under 40 (Chicago-USA) in the category of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), elected as a Director of the Green Building Council of South Africa and the Advisory Board to the University of Pretoria Dept. of Architecture, and the African Smart Cities Summit steering committee.

Past project delivery has occurred across most sectors of the built environment including commercial, retail, healthcare, residential, hospitality, healthcare, educational, institutional, specialist facilities and urban design.