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Dr. Matthew Howard

Consulting | Director of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Matthew Howard is the Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Deloitte where he leads the commercial and technology teams for AI and cognitive projects. Before joining this role, he led the Europe division of IBM Watson Health. He previously worked with Deloitte UK in different roles spanning digital analytics applications and strategy consulting. He has over 15 years of experience including his tenures at Kinapse Consulting and Outsourcing, and Novartis.

Matt leads Artificial Intelligence projects spanning strategy, proof of concept, pilot, implementation, and integration. His teams comprise of consultants, data scientists, and data engineers who combine technologies across the AI ecosystem to develop best in class strategies and solutions to deliver real business value. He works closely on a broad range of data science technologies including Google GCP and Tensorflow, AWS, IBM Watson, and start-ups including Humley and ARRIA. His recent projects include automatically analyzing and managing customer contact through AI, and cognitive analytics of customer feedback and purchasing behavior to drive improved segmentation and customer retention.

He studied biochemistry at the University of Kent and holds a Ph.D. in biological sciences from Imperial College, London.