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Lindy Schmaman

Deloitte Africa Associate Director | Financial Services Advisory | ESG strategy and Climate Risk Management

Lindy is an Associate Director in the Financial Services Advisory (FSA) division of Deloitte in South Africa. She is an actuary with 15 years of consulting experience in the Financial Services sector. She leads the sustainable finance solution for Deloitte Africa. She is a member of the Climate Risk Working Group of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA). 

Lindy specialises in the implementation and review of integrated risk and capital programmes across both banks and insurers. She has been extensively involved in  the development and implementation of risk and capital management frameworks at a number of financial services institutions in South Africa. She has worked closely with key subject matter experts in the UK, US and Europe in obtaining insight into global best practice and regulatory developments.

Lindy is a member of the Deloitte GFSI Sustainable Finance Working Group, the GFSI Risk and Capital Management Group and the EMEA Quantitative Finance Group.