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Leonie Henderson

Digital Audit Leader

Leonie is the Digital Audit Leader for the Deloitte Africa member firm. As Digital Audit Leader she is instrumental in charting the course for the audit of the future by creating the strategy and overseeing the teams who deliver on that vision. Leonie has been a member of various global bodies, spanning methodology and digital transformation, where she influences the overall direction of the Deloitte Way of Auditing bringing both her technical and technological knowhow to the table. A pioneering problem solver, Leonie uses her expertise and experience to guide audit teams in designing their audit strategies using innovative solutions to deliver exceptional audit quality.    

Leonie is a qualified chartered accountant with more than 21 years of audit experience. She has worked across multiple industries including financial services, mining, manufacturing, retail and construction. Over the span of her career at Deloitte she has been dedicated to building expertise in the areas of Auditing Standards, the Deloitte Audit Methodology and helping the firm adapt to an ever changing landscape.