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Laura Baker | Deloitte Southern Africa

National Greenhouse Lab Designer

Laura’s role as Lab Designer ensures the successful implementation of the Deloitte Greenhouse™ Lab formula in 1-2 day immersive client experiences. She is responsible for obtaining and using research-based content, immersive methods and tools, relevant subject matter expertise  and is an expertly-trained facilitator.

With over 12 years experience at Deloitte Africa across various service areas, Laura has a varied skilled-set including Human Capital Consulting; Learning and Development within the Consulting environment; Client Account Management for Deloitte top client teams, as well as Solution/Lab Design for breakthrough processes. Laura also holds the role of Chief Chemist in Business Chemistry for Africa. Laura has attended numerous Global training and has facilitated on number of Global Summits for Crown Jewel clients.

Laura holds a degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She is a passionate sportswomen and loves the outdoors! Laura has an intense love for the sport of mountain biking and has raced her bike all over South Africa and competed at a high level before having children. Laura loves spending time outdoors with her family and finds a work-life balance very important.