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Garikai Matambo | South Africa | English

Africa TMT Industry Senior Strategist

Garikai Matambo is a Chief of Staff in the Deloitte Africa Member Firm and has been seconded to Deloitte Global as Operations Lead in the Global Telecoms, Media and Tech (TMT) Industry. In this capacity, Garikai has been responsible for driving the Global TMT industry strategy implementation process as well as supporting and enabling all key priority accounts in the Global TMT Industry portfolio.

Previously, Garikai conducted research in the Tech, Power, Tourism, Mining, Agriculture and Agri-processing sectors in South Africa and in 16 other Sub-Saharan African countries with a focus on Chinese investments and activities in the region.

Garikai has presented on the Global Social and Political Environment and co-facilitated Executive Client Roadshows for Deloitte's Priority Clients to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana together with Deloitte Africa Exco members. He has also co-facilitated an International MBA Module hosted by Harvard University and Columbia University in the US in partnership with Henley Business School.

A greater portion of Garikai’s China-Africa work to date is in coordinating client roadshows to China and in Africa and facilitating engagements between Chinese and African institutions across a wide sector spectrum.

Garikai has co-authored several thought-leadership pieces on Financial Inclusion in Africa, Innovation and the concept of Smart Cities in Africa. He is also a co-author of several articles published in the ChinAfrica magazine and on the Deloitte Africa site.

Garikai has a strong affinity and is actively engaged in enabling and advising entrepreneurs around the world, mostly with African business ventures. He is the former Director of Admissions for the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance (Harambeans) and is a member of the Institute of Business Advisors in Southern Africa (IBASA).

Garikai spent over a year in China, is a frequent traveller to the region and has studied the Language, Business Etiquette and Culture. Garikai is a University of Cape Town graduate in Economics, Politics and Philosophy (PPE) and holds HSK Level 4 proficiency in Mandarin-Chinese from Sun Yat-Sen University.