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Faith Koroloso

Programme Manager

Faith is a teacher at heart and  spent  all her career life in an educational environment (22 years). She joined the Department of Education in 1997 for a two year stint. In trying to revive the teacher in her, she joined The University of the Witwatersrand as a Geography part time tutor. Moved on to full  time employment in the office of the Registrar in 1999.

In 2005 she moved to the Faculty of Management  (Wits Business School) working as a Programme Coordinator and Exams Officer (MBA & PDM) in the Academic Office.

 In 2008, she became a Senior Programme Manager in the Leadership Development Centre (LDC), concentrating on developing Managers to become Leaders within  the broader corporate and government department. Her role was largely looking after Senior Managers who are  looking to make a change within their own companies by exposing them to International standards of doing business. Responsible for customised and open enrolment International Programmes, also accompanying clients on International study fields. With the wealth of knowledge she gained, Faith became a self made Business Developer.