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Amit Bhana

Deloitte Africa Director | Financial Services Advisory | IFRS 17 Finance and Reporting

Amit is a Director in the Financial Services Advisory (FSA) division in Deloitte Africa. He leads the IFRS 17 Finance and Reporting proposition for the division. He actively drives Deloitte’s Financial Services Complex Accounting offering by advising on and assisting with the implementation of new accounting standards, which are expected to have a significant operational impact on entities. 

Amit has been at the forefront of the firm’s IFRS 17 proposition from an accounting advisory perspective. His experience has provided him with a deep understanding of insurers financial reporting processes, governance and controls as well as financial reporting standards and regulations relevant to insurers. Amit is currently representing the Deloitte Africa firm on Deloitte’s global IFRS 17 Technical Expert Advisory Panel.

Outside of IFRS 17, he was involved in the implementation of IFRS 9 and IFRS 13 as well as the pricing of primary and derivative financial instruments. This included advising clients on the use of derivative instruments for investment and hedging purposes.