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Anoka Balram

Associate Director| Strategy & Industries | Design & Innovation Leader | Customer & Applied Design

Anoka has over 20 years business experience which includes, Chemicals Testing, Marketing, Customer Marketing, Advertising, Digital Marketing and Service Experience Design. Her experience  gained is across Multinational Corporates, Award  winning advertising agencies and 3 of the big 4 professional services firms. Her skill sets lies in envisioning the future, ideating,  operationalising teams - turning a vision into a strategy  and strategy into execution. Anoka has done this using agile methodologies,  team collaboration, co-creation and breaking down silos.

Anoka started off as chemical analyst testing for gold in a mine,  water purity at a utility and enzymes and pharmaceuticals at a leading consumer goods Multinational.  Anoka swiftly swopped her lab coat for  a career in marketing having led Unilever's largest Personal Care Deodorants Portfolio as Customer Marketing -Category Manager. She then spent 9 years in advertising in a combination of roles as Strategy Director, New Business Director and Client account lead. Her last 6 years have been in professional services in Digital, Service Experience Consulting & Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte Consulting Africa.