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Azu Aminath Azhan

Senior Consultant | Deloitte Consulting, Technology Strategy and Transformation | Enterprise Technology & Performance

Azu is a Senior Consultant within the Technology Strategy and Transformation practice at Deloitte Australia. She is a Fellow for the World Economic Forum on the joint initiative between Deloitte and the Forum – Disruptive Technologies in Mental Health, working alongside international leaders and innovators in this space. She has a passion for healthcare and mental health, focusing on technology strategies, transformation and innovations to support the continuum of care. As part of World Economic Forum partnership, she co-authored a white paper on Global Governance Frameworks in Digital Mental Health and was an expert reviewer for the UpLink Challenge for Innovative Solutions in Youth Mental Health. She has worked with the Department of Health, Victoria, Australia on a key recommendation driven by the Royal Commission into the Victoria’s Mental Health System.

She has experience across several technology advisory engagements from technology strategy, M&A, virtual care and sourcing. She holds Deloitte’s badge as a Life Science Health Care Clinicians and Scientists Specialist.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Azu completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Monash University, Australia and had previously worked academically in medical research for several years.