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Krisztina S. Nagy

Partner, Risk Advisory-Deloitte Hungary

We are the Women in Risk Advisory. We solve complex problems and foresee risks. We innovate and analyse. We incubate and referee. We help our clients build resilient, sustainable organisations. We imagine new possibilities, connecting trust, resilience, and security to make an impact that matters. We need more like us. We need more like you.

Meet Krisztina. She's a partner and the Risk Advisory leader at Deloitte Hungary, an affiliate of Deloitte Central Europe (DCE), as well as the regional leader of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) capabilities for Financial Services industry clients for Deloitte DCE. Krisztina leads a diverse team of about 100 professionals within Risk Advisory, where she focuses on helping banks and other financial organisations mitigate risks to improve business outcomes and enhance cost efficiencies; stand up new risk management functions; and achieve their sustainable financial objectives.

Krisztina enjoys the technical complexity at the heart of many Risk Advisory projects. "I listen very carefully to the challenges my clients are facing and then design, build and implement methods designed to address those issues." She says the most exciting part of her role is when she's able to translate a complex problem into a simple solution that gets clients to a better place than before her team came on board. "I do this job for those moments when I know I've made an impact that matters."

Despite being a natural fit, Krisztina ended up working in risk advisory entirely by coincidence. As a corporate finance graduate, she applied for a job in Financial Advisory services at another Big Four organisation. However, due to a recruitment error, she was called in for an interview for Risk Advisory services instead. "I had a very interesting discussion that piqued my interest in Risk," she says. "And the rest is history." Now with Deloitte for more than 12 years, including 10 with Deloitte UK, Krisztina feels fortunate to have had "amazing opportunities and an incredible career" thus far. She's also grateful that her role enables "a fantastic life outside of work" as well. "I'm not only a Deloitte partner," she says, "But also a wife and mother of two."

While Krisztina has experienced firsthand how important is to work hard to learn what interests you and then work to even harder to gain credibility in that field and cultivate your own area of specialisation, she knows that ultimately "Risk Advisory is a people business." So often, she says, the role is about building a bridge between the clients and the team. "When the clients are happy, our teams are happy—and business is really flourishing."

That said, she adds, "Most importantly, you should be having fun along the way."

We need more like Krisztina. We need more like you.

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