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Deloitte Africa’s Governance Academy

Creating ethical & effective leaders that our society needs.

Deloitte Africa’s Governance Academy leverages the depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience in supporting Board members to understand the technical and practical capabilities required in contributing effectively as a Board member.

Building on our existing engagement with established Directors and Boards through Deloitte Africa’s NED programme, Deloitte Africa’s Governance Academy provides upcoming Directors with knowledge and understanding on evolving Governance topics, whilst building long-term productive relationships with to-be Directors though the sharing of market insights. In addition to the unpacking of technical topics, a key differentiator of our programme is the pairing of Academy participants with dedicated Mentors who are experienced in the characteristics of an effective Board member and effective Board interactions and contributions.

Participants will be provided with reference materials and activities to complete on their own as they progress towards the goal of Board membership.

Deloitte is uniquely positioned to share end-to-end insights on Governance, Industry trends and evolving business topics, helping to develop the Directors of the future. Our Governance Academy is designed into focused modules which focus on the key considerations to be taken into account by Board members in order to ensure meaningful and effective Board interactions.

Topics covered include:

  • Legal consideration for joining a Board
  • A focus on EthicsLeadership dynamics and the role of the Board in strategic oversight
  • Finding the right fit: Insights into Board recruitment
  • Topic Deep Dives (topics to be selected by participants of the Governance Academy)


Deloitte Africa’s Governance Academy prepares participants for Board service by:

  • Delivering knowledge to help to position themselves effectively for Board placement
  • Introducing a cadre of previous/sitting Board members and/or Deloitte Alumni who act as mentors to the participants
  • Providing insights for developing a clear and compelling Board valueProposition
  • Offering the opportunity to network with their peers

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