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About Deloitte Mozambique

Message from the CEO

Mozambique is primarily enchanting for its people, natural beauty, its culture and hospitality. The country is also a place of diverse opportunities that attract investors from all over the world, from different sectors. Deloitte is the gateway for many companies into the country. We have been working in Mozambique since 1996 with the largest companies in the public and private sectors that share the same values: transparency and integrity. Making an impact that matters to our customers and, consequently, to society, is what has driven us for the past 25 years.

Over these years, we have dedicated ourselves to training and developing our local talent so that they will be able to serve our clients to the highest standards. Despite being a global brand, we are a Mozambican company, made up by Mozambicans. Leaving this legacy to society is one of our most important contributions.
We are proud to represent Deloitte in Mozambique, the world’s most valuable commercial services brand, valued at US$26.7 billion. This means that we have a great responsibility and moral obligation to positively influence society.

Our history in Mozambique has been written in conjunction with our clients, and our goal is to continue telling our story alongside the most respected companies in the market.

Kind Regards,

João MachadoCEO

Having started at Deloitte over 20 years ago, João Machado is the CEO at Deloitte Mozambique since 2014.

Deloitte has been operating in Mozambique since 1996, providing audit & assurance, consulting, tax & legal, financial advisory and risk services to the main industries in the market. Through professionals with knowledge and expertise we are the entry point for foreign investors in the country, we serve most Multinational companies and private sector clients, large Mozambican companies, public institutions and dynamically growing new enterprises offering integrated and innovative solutions to clients, in each phase of the project.

Currently employed are more than 130 Mozambicans. We are committed to bringing meaningful and sustainable change to the country’s economy and society. Our purpose-led organisation is to make an impact that matters and we will use our influence as one of Africa’s most admired brands, to be a force of good will in Mozambique. Adding value to the client’s business, we are able to make an impact on economic growth and job creation.

Our best of breed refers to a sum of our professional standards – which includes transparency and integrity -, our knowledge - we have access to deep insightful and intellectual capital of more than 330,000 capacitated staff worldwide in more than 150 countries -, and our talent – our people in Mozambique are constantly trained to better attend to our client needs.