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Africa TMT Lighthouse

The Africa TMT Lighthouse is the hub for Deloitte’s industry leading tech, media and telco solutions. Along with our technology partners, we have combined years of industry advisory expertise and thought leadership to create innovative solutions that unlock exponential growth and productivity.

We are a single point of contact for tech, media and telco solutions and offerings Deloitte provides for the industry.

A tool box of solutions to reach into in solving your clients’ biggest pain points

Because the solutions have been pre-packaged and tailored for each client experience, the move from ideation to client proposal is accelerated.

TMT Predictions 2022

What’s next for technology, media, and telecommunications?From women in tech to floating solar panels, TMT Predictionsgives you a glimpse of what 2022 could have in store.

This narrative is TMT specific to aide in improving operational efficiencies through monitoring network assets, measuring and guiding IT spend, automating key operational processes and ensuring the workforce is enabled and up/re-skilled to work in a digital operations space.

These are centred around capturing the mindshare of a consumer by understanding the consumer needs in order for a Telco to offer services other than traditional Telco services to attract, retain and support consumers as well as establish a case for other companies (FS, Retail, etc) to part with a Telco.


Access some of the TMT Lighthouse solutions relating to Digital Ecosystem:

Enables a TMT client’s digital customers and partners to build or enhance their own solutions by creating opportunities to encompass existing API services.

End to end customer engagement and social media system that leverages AI to help put customers at the centre of the organisation

An advanced analytics platform that is used for fast value realisation while facilitating MLOPs adoption and maturation

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