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Needs and Data-Driven COVID-19 Response Operations for Government

How governments can derive value from data in the continued Response Recovery phases

A structured response is going to be a key enabler for driving through all three key phases of the COVID-19 response cycle namely, Respond Phase, Recover Phase and Thrive Phase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the role of government from social welfare and economic security perspectives increasingly pronounced. As governments across the world work tirelessly to contain the spread of the virus, the volume of social welfare, as well as economic and healthcare needs is increasing rapidly. This is placing tremendous pressure on government institutions across national, provincial and local government spheres. This added pressure is requiring government institutions to become more agile than ever to be able to effectively deliver against rapidly evolving service delivery mandates.

Unlocking agility and effectiveness in this time of crisis is going to require governments to expeditiously transition into running insight-driven COVID-19 crisis management operations, with data at the core of this competence. A lasting impact of COVID-19 on Civil Government the world over is the affirmation that using data insightfully is the ‘new normal’ of improving the capacity of the state to deliver services.

Key Takeouts:

  • A prudent response approach is needs-driven at its core
  • The right focus on data and analytics will pave the way for effective COVID-19 response management

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