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Harnessing opportunities and managing risk in the future of health

Fundamental transformations and seismic shifts are occurring in the life sciences and health care industry. Emerging trends and key drivers—including demographic, economic, social, political, technological, and medical forces—will have a dramatic impact on the marketplace. How will you manage the accompanying risks to seize opportunities?

These transformative shifts create numerous opportunities for both industry incumbents and orthogonal organisations entering into the industry to disrupt the marketplace. However, it will also be critical for business leaders embracing innovation to intelligently manage the potential risks emanating from this new future. Disruptive organisations in the future will be those that adopt one or more business archetypes, based on the value they seek to deliver in the health care ecosystem.

In this report we identify 10 emerging trends which fall under three broad categories: digital, ecosystem, and organizational, these trends are as follows:


Data dichotomy

Algorithm appropriateness

Complex cyber


Ambiguous accountability

Redefining regulations

Synchronised supply chains


Stringent safety and quality

Financial foundations

Strategic struggles

Evolving ethics

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