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Findings from the Deloitte 2019 Health Care CEO Perspectives Study

Accelerating change is now a basic feature of the health care industry. Deloitte’s discussions with CEOs across the industry offer insights into drivers of change, priorities, and worries, and how the definition of success is evolving.

Within the next 20 years, advances in medicine and technology, intensifying competition to engage the patient/consumer, the explosion and increasing interoperability of all health-related data, a changing regulatory landscape, and new entrants who bring both advanced technologies and an understanding of consumers will transform today’s health care landscape. As described in our view on the Future of Health, both industry incumbents and new entrants will shape how the industry will evolve and transform over the next several years.

Interviewed CEOs say that the most important drivers of change in the next ten years are the shift in care settings, the transition to value-based arrangements, and more proactive consumers. They say these drivers will have a major impact on their profit margins and traditional financial models.

CEOs are rethinking how they define success and create durable strategies amid the perception of a fluid and sometimes unpredictable market. Navigating myriad political, economic, competitive, social, and market pressures, CEOs perceive that the pace and magnitude of change are greater than ever and will continue to accelerate—a view consistent with the findings in each of Deloitte’s last two CEO Perspectives Studies in 2015 and 2017. The complexity and ever-increasing pace of change is complicating the CEO’s agenda and shifting the dynamic between CEOs, boards, and health care organisations’ management. CEOs are seeking greater diversity in perspective on executive teams and boards, and so, they are inviting constructive dissent to guard against organisational myopia and groupthink in the face of elusive threats and uncertainties.

Key Take Outs:

  • Top drivers of change in Health Care
  • CEOs and organisational preparedness
  • CEOs’ current strategic playbook
  • Where to play?

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