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Deloitte 360°Cyber Programme

Transforming Cyber Professionals into a Cyber Leaders

Introducing the Deloitte 360°Cyber programme

Deloitte 360°Cyber focuses on developing Cyber Security and Cyber Risk professionals as Cyber Security leaders – with an emphasis on the broad set of skills required to make an impact that matters and to lead by example.

Deloitte 360°Cyber provides Cyber Security and Cyber Risk leaders with an opportunity to focus on their roles within an organisation, whilst building a Cyber network. By participating in the Deloitte 360°Cyber Programme, Cyber Security professionals have access to several initiatives which can support and equip leaders and their teams.

Deloitte 360°Cyber provides a unique opportunity for organisations to establish new connections and relationships with Deloitte Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), whilst Cyber Security professionals focus on their development and building a Cyber network with Cyber Security leaders in similar and varied industries across a variety of experience levels and countries.

Deloitte 360°Cyber Programme Overview