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Dissolve your cloud concerns

How to de-risk your cloud transformation

Searching for ways to unlock innovation, reduce friction, and deliver better customer experiences will be key for organisations to stay competitive in these increasingly challenging times. For many, cloud technology is the focal point of doing so. But cloud services can also create significant risks for organisations that aren’t adequately prepared for such evolutionary shifts. They may struggle to overcome legacy thinking or fail to recognise gaps in security configurations, both of which can lead to serious vulnerabilities.

There is, of course, a solution: proper preparation, starting with fully understanding the technology. Our report Dissolve your cloud concerns: How to de-risk your cloud transformation unpacks the steps you can take to avoid potential risks of transforming your organisation to the cloud:

1. Handling the shift: Two main challenges

  • Legacy thinking, which can lead to vulnerabilities
  • Gaps in security configurations, which expose traditional vulnerabilities

2. Governance and responsibility

  • Make IT governance cloud-ready
  • Promote a shared-responsibility model

3. Develop a cloud security strategy

4. Focus on identity and access management

This report also outlines several potential solutions to help companies overcome the challenge of understanding and managing these cloud-related risks.

As more organisations embraces the transformational potential of cloud technology, it’s becoming increasingly critical for them to ensure they understand and handle the risks. By doing so, they’ll be in the optimal position to realize its potential.

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