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Navigating sustainability

A firsthand encounter with ESG reporting and benchmarking strategies

What if your company needs to improve the quality of its climate risk reporting? What if your company is uncertain of its compliance status with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards? The client, a Tier 1 South African bank, needed a review of their ESG reports, being concerned about their quality and adherence to relevant frameworks.  They also wanted insights into leading practices in the banking industry.

The Deloitte Financial Services Advisory division undertook a two-step review, firstly identifying gaps and recommending improvements in ESG reports, PRB (Principles for Responsible Banking) reports, and TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure) reports. Secondly, Deloitte benchmarked the client’s reports against leading practices in the local and global banking industry. Further recommendations were made as a result. 

“We required insights into leading practices in the banking industry."
- Lindy Schmaman, Associate Director, Deloitte Africa 

The global benchmarking exercise provided the client with a clear view of their reporting position in the industry. The recommendations ensured that compliance gaps against existing ESG frameworks and standards could begin to be addressed. Deloitte guided the client through motivational quick wins as well as longer-term enhancements.

“We used our deep insight into local and global leading practice disclosures to provide the client with appropriate recommendations on aligning their ESG reporting suite.”

Lindy Schmaman, Associate Director, Deloitte Africa 

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