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Financial Services Advisory

Ensuring performance of financial risk

In an increasingly complex operating and regulatory environment for those exposed to financial risk, our team of specialists deliver effective solutions to financial and non-financial institutions. This gives them sustainable advantage and confidence through more effective measurement and sound management of financial performance in these areas of their business. FS Advisory is a leading provider of financial risk management services in Africa.

Ensuring outcomes, and improving the performance of businesses working in environments of financial risk

Creating sustainable economic value necessitates more than just maximising the upside potential. Given the array of complex financial risks to which businesses are exposed, it is critical for companies to have clarity on risk exposure and develop the necessary capabilities to effectively manage and understand their financial performance when operating with these risks. 

While “Financial Services” may be in our name, our solutions extend to all institutions wishing to incorporate best practice of sound business and governance practices typically associated with the financial services industry. We serve clients by leveraging our global expertise and local knowledge of the financial market ecosystem from a financial performance and risk perspective. Our solutions span financial risks relating to credit, market, liquidity and treasury.

We bring clients the experience of subject matter experts and the science of mathematical models to be a change partner to support them in this area of their business. We have solutions that enable accounting and regulatory compliance as well as the effective management of financial risks in sectors including banking, insurance, retail and telecommunication.