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Enhancing Shared Value Through Collective Action

Stakeholder capitalism and the link to collective action for shared value.

Stakeholder capitalism encourages companies to embrace a more optimal socio-economic environment that leads to the long-term success of all critical stakeholders, including investors, customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and governments.

Today, more than ever, the global community is facing increasingly complex and layered sets of social, economic, environmental, and health crises. In the face of these interconnected crises, business, government, and civil society need to look beyond short-term self-interest and towards a collective set of measures that enables sustainable shared value for all. Collective action, when anchored in stakeholder capitalism and shared value, can be considered as a step towards reshaping the socio-economic imperative in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

In 2022, Deloitte Consulting Africa set out to document real-world examples of multi-stakeholder collaboration. This report explores the case for coordinated measures which enable stakeholder capitalism. There is a growing consensus that collective action, anchored in stakeholder capitalism, is a key stepping-stone towards reshaping the socio-economic imperative and creating benefits for all stakeholders. A selection of case studies shows the impact achieved through collaboration in regional and industry clusters, alongside a suite of lessons learned. Lastly, the paper provides a set of principles for good governance participation.

Download the full report to learn more about stakeholder capitalism and the link to collective action for shared value


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