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Africa Construction Trends Report 2020

Managing supply chain risk and disruption in capital projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly created an imperative to reconfigure the supply chain in capital projects by highlighting supply chain risks and disruptions. This offers an opportunity to transform how capital projects can be managed more effectively to deliver more value.

Our annual Africa Construction Trends Report tracks infrastructure and capital projects (I&CP) activity in Africa. The report contains continental, regional and sectoral trends which includes projects >US$50m in value that have broken ground by 1 June each year. This report also shows who owns, who funds and who builds projects. The analysis is complemented by an economic context section, focusing on Africa’s economic outlook.

This year’s thematic section is focused on managing supply chain risk and disruption in capital projects – insights based on project owners’ perspectives on their current COVID-19 supply chain transformation strategies and risk mitigation plans across the capital projects lifecycle.

Deloitte teams have advised on many of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure and capital projects and have extensive experience in taking clients through the digital supply chain journey. Our teams advise clients across the lifecycle of an infrastructure asset and other large capital projects, enabling investors, project developers, project owners and operators in both the public and private sectors to take every step with confidence.

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