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2022 travel industry outlook

Top trends and opportunities as travel moves toward recovery

The travel industry felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic particularly hard. While pandemic concerns continue to curtail travel spending, pockets of pent-up demand and pandemic-driven lifestyle shifts point to encouraging travel industry trends in the year ahead.

Emerging 2022 US travel industry trends

For the travel industry, 2022 is about more than simply watching air passenger volumes increase and hotel occupancy rates pick up as visitors return to cities and beaches. Some trip types will fare better than others, and some demographic groups will lag. In general, the pandemic brought changes to the way we live and work. Some of those changes are likely to continue to affect travel once the health crisis subsides.

A deeper look into the latest travel industry insights

How the pandemic is reshaping corporate travel

Corporate travel is showing green shoots of growth again, but will it approach pre-pandemic levels anytime soon? And how will the shift toward remote work affect the return of internal meetings, client visits, and conferences? The answers will determine how businesses and travel providers pivot to function in the new normal. Explore Deloitte’s latest proprietary research on business travel trends in Return to a world transformed: How the pandemic is reshaping corporate travel.

US leisure travel in the second summer of COVID-19

In the summer of 2021, the US traveler was upbeat, yet cautious, about leisure travel. Airlines, hotels, rentals, and other travel suppliers continue to be pushed to address lingering health concerns to attract their share of leisure travel. Read Keen but cautious: US leisure travel in the second summer of COVID-19 to discover the most recent leisure travel trends influenced by the pandemic.

Reconnecting over the holidays

According to the 2021 Deloitte holiday travel survey, four in 10 Americans planned a return to the roads and skies, as well as to hotels and private rentals, rekindling pre-pandemic holiday traditions in 2021 despite COVID-19-related concerns. For those not traveling, concern about the health of loved ones and waiting for the pandemic to end are the top reasons to stay home, beating out financial concerns. Read our survey results to learn more about US travel sentiment in the 2021 holiday season.

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