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Africa Retail Trends 2022

Beyond Retail

How do African retailers remain resilient, navigate economic headwinds and meet the changing demands of consumers, while continuing to build trust?

In this recording, our consumer industry experts explore the top 5 trends shaping the African retail landscape in 2022.

Africa Retail Trends 2022

Attracting Gen Z becomes more important as they become both customers and employees. Generation Z has now joined the workforce, have their own spending power and are no longer reliant on parents, they also have very strong and distinctive wants and needs.

This is all about businesses doing even more to embrace digital – adapting their core and exploring digital products and experiences as well as the metaverse.

Checkout-free stores, ultra-fast and autonomous delivery rapidly becomes mainstream.

A challenging market is encouraging retailers to diversify and move into completely new businesses to utilise their assets better and find new sources of value.

Sustainability has risen significantly up the corporate agenda and retailers are directing their investment to responsible growth.

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