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Connected stores – are you ready?

Transforming store fleet through technology

What is a store of the future? This is one of the smartest questions retailers can ask themselves today and one we hear often. When most people think of connected stores, they imagine iPads, interactive screens, smart mirrors and adaptive displays. Interestingly, when you go into a store equipped with these whizz-bang items, people are rarely using them. That’s because even though they look nice, these fancy objects don’t always address people’s needs. Most retailers make this mistake and install technology that their customers don’t care about, but there are some who are getting it right. Learn more in this report developed by Deloitte in the Netherlands.

Think like a scientist

We’ve recently joined forces with some of the smartest people in the field to learn more about the future of retail and how to leverage in-store technology to make smart, data-driven decisions that will help you transform your entire store fleet into connected stores. We’ll soon be releasing an in-depth paper with our findings, giving you the information you need to design stores of the future that standout in today’s changing retail landscape.

What if we told you the most valuable technology for your store might not be technology your customers can see? In fact, the most valuable technology is often not even noticeable to customers. Right now, most retailers design stores without data. They work from a creative mindset and assume they don’t have the information they need to make data-driven decisions about brick and mortar stores. But times are changing. and Alibaba are approaching their new shops with data-fuelled and scientific mindsets. The technology they leverage gathers data that helps them make educated decisions about how to choose a store concept. We think there’s a lot to learn from this mindset.

Take the first step and transform your store fleet

To learn more about how to capture the right data and revolutionize your stores, download the Point-of-View: Transforming store fleet through technology. This comprehensive guide will answer any question you have about connected stores and in-store technology.

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