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2022 South African Automotive Consumer Study

Webinar highlights

Dr Martyn Davies, Deloitte’s Africa Auto Sector Leader, and a panel of industry experts discussed the recent trends identified by the Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study and how they will impact the SA marketplace.

We gained critical insights from our speakers around four key questions:

  • What is the future of pre-owned car pricing?
  • How are OEM leaders containing the inflationary pressures on new vehicle prices? 
  • How will the SA consumer respond to increased availability of EV vehicles - will it be regulatory or consumer driven?
  • What are consumer preferences regarding options on vehicles?

Find out their responses by accessing the recording below and listening to the conversation. In addition, we’ve made available the Global overview presented by Global Automotive Research Leader, Ryan Robinson as well as the key findings specific to the SA market. 

2022 Global Automotive Consumer Study

Now in its 13th year, the survey explores a variety of issues impacting the global automotive sector, including the development of advanced technologies, sustainability, cost expectations on new vehicles, virtual purchasing experiences and mobility services. To learn more,Download the Global report here.


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