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US/UK Corporate Executives

In today’s increasingly complex environment, and with the global reach of governments in terms of exchange of information, tax compliance is more important than ever. The impact for shareholders should a senior executive attract bad press for perceived tax avoidance can be devastating, as a number of high-profile cases have demonstrated. Having one firm looking after all of the senior executives in order to maintain consistency of reporting and mitigate risk should be an important consideration. For this reason, it is important that senior executives moving between the US and UK are looked after by advisers experienced in the interaction between the two tax jurisdictions.

Our team is experienced in handling these issues during the move planning phase, thus pre-empting any potential problems. As well as US and UK combinations, the team are highly experienced in handling other country combinations in the various regions in which global businesses operate and can draw on Deloitte’s global network to complement the in-house knowledge. Our work compromises of US and UK tax compliance, for the individual and the employer, along with business travel and aligned payroll advice.

“Deloitte generally hires the best ... it is money well spent and I would gladly seek them out again when I find myself in another multi-country tax situation.”

C-Suite Executive
Multinational Company


We provide a broad range of US and UK tax advisory and compliance services to Corporate Executives including, but not limited to:

Core Compliance services

  • Preparation of individual UK and US tax returns
  • Dual US/UK Tax Entry/Exit Briefings

Business travel services

  • Assistance with queries in relation to US and UK business travellers, including advice around tax risk and regulatory requirements
  • Tax advice regarding issues associated with moving executives between the US and the UK including, tax withholding obligations and the taxation of incentive arrangements/deferred compensation

Advisory services

  • Pre-departure or arrival structuring for individuals moving to or from the US and UK
  • Cross-border tax advice involving individuals moving across multiple jurisdictions
  • Advice in relation to income and gains tax planning, such as advising on remittances to the UK, the claiming of foreign tax credits and the interaction of the UK and US tax systems
  • Tailored US and UK tax planning for Equity Incentive schemes, including stock options, RSU and ESPP.
  • Tailored US and UK tax planning for Equity Incentive schemes, applicable to SME’s including EMI schemes.
  • Advice regarding global pension plan structuring and retirement tax costs

All services are provided from the UK based team, providing advice with a bespoke and tailored approach to meet the needs of a senior executive and their personal circumstances. We provide our support to the employer, the employee or both.

For assistance with Corporate Executive queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members listed below: