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US/UK Private Clients

Our outstanding client service offering for business owners and high net worth individuals is truly unique. Our diverse practice of dual-qualified tax professionals are not only able to analyse the “global picture” but are experienced in combining subject-matter expertise from a breadth of specialist teams in the UK and globally to provide integrated tax compliance and advisory work across a number of complex areas. For example, some areas of US personal taxation are closely intertwined with US business/corporate tax issues (including GILTI, CFCs, PFICs, and “check the box” elections) – these are high-risk, complicated topics requiring a combination of in-depth, specialist knowledge from both personal and business/corporate tax perspectives. We take a holistic approach to such matters, combining with our separate, designated US business tax and US corporate tax teams to produce consolidated deliverables to our clients, through one consolidated point of contact.

Many of our clients are wealthy Americans living in the UK for whom the tax landscape has changed significantly in recent years and continues to evolve. For example, the deemed domicile rules now expose longer term UK residents to tax on worldwide income and gains in the UK as well as the US. This dual tax exposure brings some complex challenges which our team of experts are experienced in navigating and by working in partnership with you – our clients - are able to offer practical and tax efficient solutions.

“The Deloitte team have been doing a terrific job for me over the years - you can count me a very happy customer.”

Global Hedge Fund Founder
Private Client


Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would be delighted to talk to you about wider offering, share examples of our client base and introduce you to our fantastic team to discuss your specific individual tax compliance and advisory needs.

Recent trends and projects we have assisted with include:

  • UK tax review of LLC structures and navigating the potential double taxation challenges posed by the differing tax treatment in the UK and the US
  • Reviewing investment strategy and application of UK’s offshore fund regime as well as US CFC and PFIC rules
  • Integrated US and UK tax advice to trustees and beneficiaries considering distributions from trusts to optimise global tax position
  • Formation of multiple US trusts to achieve succession and legacy planning
  • Design and implementation of family office structure for US family living in the UK
  • US Gift and Estate and UK inheritance tax planning
  • Liquidity options and optimising borrowing options between various entities owned by a US trust
  • Advice to private business on tax-efficient incentives for US and UK employees
  • Acquisition of a family home by US and non-US spouses
  • Asset structuring including luxury asset acquisition, such as private jets and artwork
  • Advice to private businesses with UK and US activities
  • Extraction of funds from family-owned businesses, including the individual income tax implications as well as the corporate and employment tax position of the business.

For Private Client assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members listed below: