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Global Compliance and Reporting

Global compliance made easier

Deloitte research shows that global heads of tax and finance are experiencing a significant degree of dissatisfaction as they wrestle with the challenges of managing regulatory compliance, improving process efficiency, achieving global consistency and adding value to the business. How can tax and finance teams gain control over compliance and reporting globally and at a local filing level, whilst leveraging the power of data to deliver commercial value?

How we can help

At Deloitte we aim to make your life easier and help you deliver your global compliance successfully by:

2019 Global tax management survey

Tax leaders share priorities, investment strategies, and ways to deliver more value

Deloitte's latest survey on tax management shines a light on the constantly shifting challenges and priorities facing tax leaders within global organizations.

Facing variable regulatory requirements, rapid changes in technology, data overload, and a looming shortage of talent—how is the tax function pursuing progress and managing pitfalls?