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Data Analytics and Digital Products

We work with you to identify data-driven and digital solutions to optimise the operations, management and address your strategic priorities with respect to your cross-border populations

In today’s complex and constantly changing mobility world, it is critical that we utilise data as a valuable tool to be able to respond effectively. Deloitte's Data Analytics and Digital Products team helps organisations leverage data to thrive in such complex landscapes by unlocking insight to inform decision-making, improve processes and drive innovation.

The work we provide is three-fold:

  • streamlining existing data analysis processes to minimise the requirement of manual work
  • generating insights to facilitate decision-making, drive strategic behaviour and reduce risk and bias;and
  • creating innovative and interactive solutions to harness this potential.

“Processing 12 months of compensation data for over a hundred assignees each year is a huge drain on our resources.”

Knowing where to start is never easy. With our unique perspective as data specialists with subject matter expertise, we can work with you to find the best solution going forward. Examples of how we might handle the data to streamline your processes include:

  • Data detective – algorithmic sorting of data with integrated machine learning capabilities to produce clean data ready for analysis
  • Process automation – automate and standardise the management and transformation of data as it passes between systems.

“We want to be smarter using data to drive our decision-making.”

We understand that many of our clients manage functions with respect to cross-border populations which often come with challenges. We offer bespoke data consultations to understand your pain points and goals, so that we can build a data landscape where you can focus on long-term goals and be responsive to trends without any inherent bias.

We offer a range of off-the-shelf offerings and / or bespoke analytics solutions which can be tailored to your business needs. Areas includes:

  • Employee experience – providing valuable insights and facilitates strategic data-driven decision-making to enhance the employee experience.
  • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – helping to determine the impact of ESG initiatives by assisting with sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement analysis and impact assessments.
  • Benefits consulting – data-driven approach to enhance an organisation’s benefit provision.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – provide guidance on understanding the gaps to DE&I in your organisation, as well as the what, how and even why of those gaps.
  • Customised stakeholder reporting
  • Compliance requirements – supporting country specific legislation reporting requirements and providing transparency on the statuses of compliance activities and downstream activities.
  • Analytics on mobility populations – insights into cross-border population and programme data; and scenario modelling capabilities.
  • Return on investment - measuring the impact of investments and decisions made.
  • Cost / spend transparency – helping to monitor financial spend and proactively manage risk.

“We’re worried we aren’t doing enough to make our employees’ assignment experience as smooth as possible.”

We currently work with a number of digital products aimed at enhancing tasks or functions, which can be adapted to meet client requirements. These range from talent marketplace platforms, ServiceNow to AI video generation platforms.

A recent example is an Artificial Intelligence generated avatar software via which we can create videos to improve employee experience. Once set up, the videos can be tailored to a specific individual with just a few keystrokes.