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The perfect opportunity for Global Mobility

The Future of Work

The future of work is not anymore a far distant topic. Now, more than ever, organisations need to rethink about their work, workforce and workplace to embrace the change.

The future of work is a result of many changes that we see happening in today’s environment where digitalisation is king. With technology progression at an exponential rate, companies are reshaping their priorities and strategies in order to meet their stakeholders’ expectations.

At Deloitte, we believe that to best navigate the future of work, we need to look at the work, workforce and workplace, where:

Work describes what work itself means and how it’s delivered;

Workforce represents who can do the work and how we can enable non-traditional talent models;

Workplace illustrates where the work can get done to ultimately maximise collaboration, productivity, and consistency across the workforce experience.

All three interdependent dimensions need to be considered to fully embrace the change, which goes beyond technology and draws in the impact of changing demographics and careers.

This is an interesting time for Global Mobility to redesign their programmes and play a strategic role to both support the wider business and develop a personalised experience for their assignees.

As always, please get in in touch should you like to discuss your Global Mobility needs with us.

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