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Remote working

Setting the right strategy

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working seemed to be a temporary necessity for both employers and employees but evolved in a short period of time into the “new normal”. The future of work has rapidly accelerated and organisations are now seeing a huge opportunity to reimagine work, workforce and workplace.

Whilst some countries introduced limited COVID-19 easements in respect of tax and social security, with the passage of time these have diminished in applicability. What short-term actions do organisations need to take to enable them to assess and action their mandatory compliance actions in respect of Remote Workers?

The application of remote working will vary significantly from organisation to organisation. However, for those who wish to pursue it, the impact of implementing a successful global remote working approach could be far reaching. Our article highlights some of the key benefits of adopting international remote working as part of an organisation’s long-term business and talent strategy.

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