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Immigration Transformation

How do you design a robust immigration programme?

Whether your programme manages a handful of foreign national local hires, or thousands of international assignees a year, we are seeing that now, more than ever, is the time for organisations to review their Immigration programme.

From how to better manage costs to ensuring employee expectations are handled, Deloitte’s Re-imagine Immigration Program framework can help you. As no Immigration programme is like another, our framework to support organisations transform their immigration programme is simple. This ensures that each transformation best resolves the organisation’s current challenges and provides the support they are looking for; in order to build the desired immigration experiences for the business, employees, vendors and importantly the internal Global Mobility team as well.

For more information please see our brochure which runs through:

  • From re-active to pro-active delivery models; a short overview of the immigration program shift
  • Re-imagine immigration program framework; a step-by-step guide of the questions you should consider when reviewing your program
  • Demands being placed on immigration programs; overview of what organisations are facing to help ascertain why it’s important to have a robust program
  • The immigration journey; showcasing the emotive journey of an assignee
  • Immigration program maturity; our high-level assessment covering a wide spectrum factors, such as policy and process design, vendor management, technology tool for cost efficiencies, stakeholder communication
  • Making immigration digital; some food for thought on how you could digitise your program
  • How we can support; covering both strategic and operational support

As always, please do simply get in touch should you like to discuss your Global Mobility needs with us.

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