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Global Mobility 2021 Trends

The world of work has been disrupted and provides an opportunity to re-imagine Global Mobility. The key trends outlined have been developed by analyzing broader business and Human Capital trends as well as deep-dive interviews with Global Talent leaders.

Over the past 12 months, Global Mobility has demonstrated exceptional value through helping maintain business continuity through a turbulent time of employee displacement, and closed borders.

Our experts have studied how Global Mobility has been impacted and what are the key trends and opportunities that are emerging. These trends include:

  1. From career to portfolio – global mobility enables the the global talent strategy.
  2. Virtual working – global mobility plays a leading role in helping the business adapt to remote working.
  3. Hyper inclusive workplace – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) remains a high priority for leaders, yet tangible progress has been slow.
  4. Worker wellbeing – wellbeing should be embedded into the design of work and mobility on an individual, team and organisation level.
  5. Protectionist trade policies & immigration complexity – the immigration landscape has become complex and uncertain because of Covid-19 and this has impacted local labor and immigration backlogs.
  6. Digital workforce experience – global mobility programs that can effectively use data, and combine people and technology, will lead to better outcomes.
  7. #StayOnTheGround – Covid-19 has provided an opportunity for organisations to pause and develop meaningful responses to the climate crisis.

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