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From Actions to Outcomes

Employee Wellbeing in a Global Workforce

Since the pandemic 81% of workplaces have increased their focus on employee mental health1, however 1 in 3 employees still feel that mental health support in their workplace is inadequate2. While this clearly poses an enormous challenge for domestic organisations, the scale and complexity is significantly higher for employers who manage a workforce that moves and works, physically and virtually, across borders.

This article explores why there is a disconnect between the actions of employers and the outcomes experienced by employees. It highlights the impact that organisations can have by shifting their focus from actions to enhance employee wellbeing to focussing on the outcomes of their actions.

It outlines a methodology that organisations can use to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing their employees and to shift their focus from actions to outcomes. By doing so organisations will be better equipped to design actions that have tangible impact by:

  • Directing time and monetary efforts to where they will have the largest impact;
  • Ensuring they develop frameworks and policies that support their global workforce;
  • Assessing the return on investment of their actions.



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