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A guide to: Exporting from the UK at the end of the transition period

The UK’s departure from the EU will herald the biggest change to the UK’s customs landscape in a generation. Many businesses that have previously not needed to know about importing, exporting and tariffs will need to become specialists.

When you’re running an international business, the smooth transition of your goods to and from the UK couldn’t be more important. Your goods not only need to arrive, they must arrive without delay, with the right amount of duty paid and with the correct completion and filing of a customs declaration. At the end of the transition period, we expect to see a significant increase in the volume of customs declarations being processed per year. Moreover, existing supply-chain networks may not be equipped to ensure you’re compliant. And, with a spotlight on corporate governance, it’s more important than ever that you know your process inside out.

UK businesses exporting goods to the EU will now need to meet certain customs compliance obligations. Download our exporting guide to find out more.

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